About Us

Coeur’ is the French word for ‘Heart’ – a symbol for caring and empathy which represents our patient-centred approach to practice.  Our goal is to get to the root-cause of your problem to help you return to the activities you love pain-free, with more ease, and with confidence. At Coeur Physiotherapy we want to build a positive image of physiotherapy as an essential part of your healthcare team.  We aim to inspire trust in our clients and look forward to helping you make informed choices about your treatment.   Our main focus is the quality of care you receive.  This is what inspired the modern design of our clinic  private treatment rooms, a state of the art gym, and the latest equipment and technology.   The Coeur One-on-One Care Promise means that your appointment time will be spent with your physiotherapist – not an assistant or exercise therapist. The primary goal of physiotherapy is to get your body feeling and functioning better. Your sessions will be active and engaging, and will not be focused on passive treatments such as hot packs or machines.  Your physiotherapist will take the time to teach you how to move well, sometimes with the assistance of hands-on manual therapy or other techniques to optimize the quality and performance of your joints and muscles.   Our Mission: To set the standard for exceptional physiotherapy care in Edmonton We Believe:
  • That patients deserve a health care provider who listens to their concerns
  • That patients get better and stay better when they understand their condition
  • In the value of building positive therapeutic relationships with clients
  • In the value of building a stronger healthcare network through collaboration with other health care providers
  • In increasing awareness of the role of physiotherapists in primary health care
We Aim:
  • To create an environment where patients receive the best care and enables therapists to do their best work
  • To provide the most up-to-date care by staying on top of evidence-based practices and research
  • To help our patients get back to healthy living, pursuing their goals, and living their best life